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5 Reasons to use Boom Cards to Teach Sight Words

Learning to read sight words is a crucial step in increasing reading fluency. Regardless of what you call them, trick words, high-frequency words, or sight words. We can all agree our kindergarten students need to be able to read these allusive words. If our students struggle with fluency they will

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Teacher Goals for 2021

Teaching in 2020 forced us all to change – quickly! Well, that was one crazy year! Teaching in 2020 made us all change and quickly figure out how to teach kindergarten in a brand new way. As we enter 2021 we are still learning how to teach our kindergarten students

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Boom Learning Membership levels

Which Boom membership level should I use? Boom learning has burst into classrooms all over the United States. Although it may seem as though Boom has been an overnight success, those who were using tech long before the pandemic have long enjoyed the features of Boom. The one question so

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Using Boom Cards in Kindergarten

Top reasons why teachers should be using Boom Cards in  Kindergarten. Boom Cards are digital task cards that provide students with immediate feedback on their answers.  However, that’s not all that is provided with Boom Cards. Kindergarten teachers can access a report feature that includes student accuracy.  The most impressive

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Tips for going back to school on Zoom

How do kindergarten students start the year virtually? Kindergarten students all over are starting school remotely. As leaders debate how to go back to school safely, teachers everywhere are wondering how they can build relationships with their students during remote learning. When schools closed in March teachers had already developed

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Remote Learning in Kindergarten

  This week has been surreal.  The implications for schools are unprecedented. Teachers have been asked to prepare for remote learning with only a couple of days notice, and in some cases hours. So many teachers are finding themselves faced with the challenge of getting up to speed with digital

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Playful kindergaten

A Playful Kindergarten in a Digital World

Yes, you CAN have a playful kindergarten in a digital world. A playful kindergarten AND a digital word may sound like two ideas that do not go together sort of like suger-less candy. However, a playful classroom and a digital world are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it is actually

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How to Use Google Classroom in the Primary Grades

  Google Classroom really CAN work in Kindergarten It wasn’t so long ago that teachers actually thought young students couldn’t use Google Classroom. I feel like I spent much of my time convincing people seriously – Google Classroom really can work for kinders. So now most teachers and admins realize that

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Using BeeBots in the Classroom

Ignite learning for your youngest students with Bee Bots.   Using BeeBot robots to engage your students is easier than you might think. I have seen first hand how using a BeeBot in my class can engage my students. When I bring out a BeeBot my students are fully “in”.

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