Using Boom Cards to Create Math and Literacy Centers

Using Digital Centers in Kindergarten

Using centers in kindergarten is a great way to give your students practice working on math and literacy goals.

One of the biggest challenges to effectively student-run centers is that your students can be off task. You send them to a well-planned phonics center but they end up doing something completely different.

My students have always loved center time. To be honest, so did I. I loved the hum of students talking with each other, the controlled movement within a busy class. A well-run centers-based classroom is a joy to behold.  Any kindergarten teacher who can manage centers while making it look easy is working hard. It makes me think of a duck gliding on the water while paddling feverishly below.

A controlled center time doesn’t just happen, it takes planning.

Kindergarten classes should have a vast mix of centers. Students should have access to blocks, dramatic play, science, writing, books, math, word work the list goes on and on. It can be overwhelming for a teacher to create all these engaging centers while targeting academic standards. There is a solution to creating engaging skill-based centers. It’s a lot easier than you might think.

One answer to providing your students with centers that keep your students engaged and learning is  Boom Learning. Boom Cards provide teachers the ability to create ELA and math centers with ease.

Have you ever used QR codes? QR codes can be a fun way for you to use Boom Cards to make the easiest literacy and math centers ever. I’ll walk you through the steps in this video.

The first step is to choose a Boom Card and create a fast pin. If you need help creating a fast pin you can learn how here.  Now you need a QR code.  Simply paste the fast pin into a QR code generator site and copy the QR code. The next step is to paste it on the center card.  Give your students the code and you are done!  Now all you need to do is to put the frame on a table with a Chromebook or tablet and you are done!

You can get a free set of the center card templates here  

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