What is a Boom Card?

Have you heard the buzz about Boom Cards and Boom Learning?

In the search to constantly improve their students’ success many teachers find themselves asking “What is a Boom Card?”

Boom Cards are self-checking digital task cards. We’ve all used paper task cards in our word work, literacy, and math centers. Task cards that require our kindergarten students to show their learning with a clothespin or a paper clip. Well, Boom Cards are similar to old-fashioned task cards but just digitized.



Boom Cards Increase Student Learning.

Boom Cards offer unique scaffolding so that your students’ learning increases.  Many Boom Cards provide sound files that provide various bonuses for teachers.  Students can hear vocabulary for unknown words.  Sound files provide extra support for special needs students by giving students the name of words and letters they are matching/building.  In math centers, word problems are read to students so you can be assured that your students are being assed on math and not reading comprehension.


Boom Cards are self-checking.

Your students receive immediate feedback. Students can make real-time adjustments to their learning with the feedback they receive. You can feel confident that students who are working independently are not making a habit out of incorrect answers. Boom provides the immediate feedback they need to adjust their work.

Watch my video to see for yourself.


Boom Cards Collect Data

Data that 4 letter word. Teachers seem to have a love-hate relationship with data. We love having usable feedback about our students but so often you are being asked to take data without ever really using that data to make decisions about the next steps. Boom Learning collects data on rate and accuracy. You will be able to see if your student is fluent in the task or if they need some extra intervention. Making your job so much easier. No more grading or complex checklists.

Boom Cards Are Fun!

Kids love Boom Cards. They feel like it’s a game and not work. Your students will literally ask you for more and more. The ding they receive with correct answers makes them feel like they are playing a video game. Boom is colorful and provides your students with a variety of ways to show what they know. They can choose a button, move a piece, and fill in the blank. Boom Cards can also provide a video mini-lesson to highlight a skill.

Boom Cards Can Be Played On A Variety Of Devices.

If it has a screen you can probably play a Boom Card on it. Boom Learning works great on desktops, Chromebooks, iPads, smartboards even your phone!. Students can play on the site or you can download the free Boom app to play on phones, iPads, and tablets

Boom Is Easy To Use

You can control your students’ user names and passwords. You can give every student the exact same password to make it so easy for you when helping your students log in. You can create custom usernames that are easy for the students to remember.

Boom even offers picture passwords.

Boom Cards Are Easy To Assign

You can assign Boom Cards via Seesaw, Google Classroom, Class Dojo, and even via text. Watch to see how you can easily create a fast pin and hyperplay link that can be shared on almost any platform.







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