Boom Learning Membership Levels

Understanding the levels of membership on Boom Learning

Teachers are loving using Boom Cards in their classrooms. But navigating through the membership levels can be confusing.

In this post, I’ll break down each level and let you know what makes each level unique. Once you have all the information you can make a decision about which level of Boom Learning will work for you and your students.

Can you use Boom Cards for free?

Yes! You can absolutely use Boom Learning for free. With the free membership, you can use any deck you have purchased on Boom or on TPT. They will be in your library and they are yours forever. There are literally hundreds of free decks for you to use. Your students can receive many of the benefits of Boom without you spending a dime.

Let’s review the different levels

Starter Membership – Free

The starter membership on Boom is free. You can open a classroom with  5 students at this level which makes it ideal for parents who homeschool. I recommend that if you are a teacher using the starter membership that you add your lowest students into your class. You will be able to receive data and assign specific decks to those 5 students.

But what about the rest of the class? The rest of the students in your class can access decks using Fast Play. The Fast-Play is a fast and easy way to get the Boom decks into the hands of your students.  You can have unlimited fast play pins. Keep in mind the fast play link only lives for 14 days. At the end of the 14 days, you will need to make a new link.

With the starter membership, you are able to create 5 decks of your own.

Click to try a Free Boom Deck


Basic Membership $15 a year

The basic membership is my personal favorite for the vast majority of kindergarten teachers. You can add 50 students into your class you can make unlimited fast play pins, but now you can receive data. Your students log in and enter their username and password – you can create unique passwords that are user-friendly. It’s easy to assign different decks to individual students and to the whole class. The biggest perk at this level is the reports feature. You will be able to assess student performance on rate and accuracy.  This level also allows you to make 5 personal decks. This level costs $15 a year. For $15 you can add 50 students and receive reports. A truly valuable option.

Power Level Membership $25 a year

The power level allows you to have 150 students. This is ideal for specialists. You also get the benefit of “live monitoring”. Live monitoring allows you to look at your screen and see in real-time how your students are doing. This feature can be really powerful if you have all your students working at once. You can see mistakes and pull struggling students for intervention groups before they continue to have issues.

At his level, you can make unlimited decks on your own.

Powerplus Level $30 a year

The big difference with Power Plus is that with this level you can create your own sound files and upload them yourself.

This can be extremely powerful if you are working on a specific topic that might not be available in the marketplace. You can record yourself then upload your own sound files. Keep in mind the sound files have size limits. Typically you can record and upload a sound file that is 1 to 2 sentences long.

Ultimate Membership Level $35 a year

With the Ultimate level of membership, you can try your hand at selling. Not only can you create unlimited decks but you can sell them on the marketplace. The other significant difference at this level is that you can have up to 200 students.

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Whether you have the free membership or the ultimate level all your decks will stay safely in your library.




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