Introducing BeeBot robots to young children

Using BeeBots in kindergarten

Using BeeBots in kindergarten is almost more fun for the teacher than it is for kindergarten students.


If you teach young students you know that play is an essential part of a kindergarten philosophy. You understand the benefit, actually the need for play.

I love this quote because when we think of Albert Einstein we think of genius. However, somewhere along the line policymakers decided that play and academics could not coexist. But somehow one of the smartest minds knew fundamentally that play is valuable. Play is how our students learn. We all know that putting our hands on something and figuring out how it works is powerful.

When we couple play with learning there is a circle of awesomeness – That’s an official term “circle of awesomeness”

These little BeeBots scream play. When I introduce my BeeBot for the first time I always push a few buttons and make him light up and make him beep. Suddenly a hush comes over my room even my most skeptical learners are paying attention. When I bring out my BeeBot all my challenging behaviors disappear. Wait?! What?  That warrants repeating when I bring out my BeeBot I have no challenging behaviors because every child is fully engaged and each child is hoping it will be their turn next.

Watch how I introduce the BeeBot for the very first time.

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