What is a Boom Card?

What Are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are interactive digital task cards that provide personalized learning for kindergarten students. Boom Cards are an interactive, digital learning tool that can be used in the classroom or at home. Boom Cards are designed to help students engage with content and become more independent learners. Boom Cards are self-grading and offer instant feedback to students. Boom Cards have colorful images, and audio sound files to differentiate to your students’ individual needs

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Boom Cards Are A Great Way To Keep Your Class Engaged While You Are Having Reading Groups.

We all have been faced with the challenge of what should a class of kindergarten students should be be doing while while the teacher has reading groups. Boom Cards provide your kindergarten students with independent learning activities. The key word being independent. Imagine a reading group where the teacher can focus on the students in front of her while the rest of the class is engaged and learning. No it’s not a unicorn, it can be done with Boom Cards.

Boom Cards Engage Students.

Boom Cards are interactive. Your kindergarten students tap buttons, move pieces, and type answers on every slide. There is a difference between passive screens and interactive screens. Boom Cards provide an interactive lesson so your kindergarten students are actively engaging with the activity.

Boom Cards are fun

Boom Learning Provides An Easy Assessment Option.

Boom Cards are self-checking so your kindergarteners receive immediate feedback. Receiving immediate feedback helps support learning and creates a deeper understanding of the task.  Kindergarten teachers can be sure that their students are understanding the skill because Boom Learning provides teachers with reports on student accuracy. Knowing what your kindergarten students do and don’t know makes determining next steps simple.

Easy Assessment

Boom Learning Has Sound Files.

Have you ever had a worksheet for phonics and seen an image that you just can’t figure out what it is supposed to be? How many times have kindergarten teachers spent time trying to decipher pictures?  Have you ever seen a picture that is supposed to represent a cvc words and it’s difficult for teachers to figure it out. Imagine how hard it is for our kindergarten students.  With Boom Cards it is easy to identify obscure images because Boom Cards has a sound feature. No more asking teacher friends what they think the image is supposed to be. Just think how this sound feature can help scaffold your special needs students and your ELL students. 

Boom Cards have sound

Boom Cards Make Differentiation Easy.

Every kindergarten teacher is faced with a class of students that have a wide range of skills. Creating lessons to meet the needs of every student is daunting. Boom Cards make it simple to assign different decks to different students. You no longer have to worry that your highest-performing students are becoming stagnant.  Your special needs students who struggle can receive Boom Cards that build a strong foundation. 

Boom Cards Are Fun!

Don’t be surprised if you find your kindergarten students begging for more Boom Cards. Boom Learning makes learning so much fun. Your students won’t even realize they are learning they just know they love Boom Cards.

Boom Cards are fun

Boom Cards Work For Homework.

Boom Cards are great way to provide homework in kindergarten without having to stand in line at the copy machine. No more lost homework folders. It’s simple to assign Boom Decks for homework. Parents love Boom Cards because Boom Cards can be played on a variety of devices. Even a phone! You’ll be able to hold your students accountable for finishing homework because you will be able to see what they did or didn’t do.

Boom Cards Homework

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