Google Classroom

Google Classroom in the Primary Grades

The use of Google Classroom is spreading throughout our elementary schools and it’s easy to see why it’s gaining popularity with students and teachers: setting up and using Google Classroom is an easy way to integrate digital resources in your kindergarten and first grade class. Google Classroom setup takes only minutes and it’s FREE. As we move closer to a paperless class, Google classroom becomes more valuable.

Google Classroom provides:

  1. an opportunity for teachers to easily differentiate learners. Groups of students can seamlessly be working on significantly different tasks so that teachers can provide personalized learning.
  2. an opportunity for teachers to see their students’ work in real time. Teachers can easily assess student understanding and make decisions about next steps.
  3. a tool for teachers that is the perfect addition to math rotations, literacy centers, RTI groups (Response To Intervention) and the Daily 5 as you do not need to be a 1:1 class to take advantage of Google Classroom.

At Della Larsen’s Class we use a variety of ELA and math resources to utilize this technology.

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