Boom Cards

Using Digital Boom Cards in the Classroom

Boom Cards provide an easy way to integrate digital resources into your class. Boom Cards are digital task cards that are self-checking.  In addition, Boom collects the data on student accuracy and rate. Progress monitoring has never been easier.

Boom cards from Della Larsen’s Class are the perfect solution for utilizing iPads in the classroom. The touchscreen of an iPad works perfectly with the interactions available with Boom Cards. Your students simply click on the correct answer, fill in the blank, or move pieces to show what they know.

The data provided by Boom is a perfect addition for assessing RIT groups. Making accommodations for ELL and special needs students has never been easier. Many Boom decks provide the extra scaffolding of sound to read math problems or to identify unknown vocabulary. The sounds the cards make during a correct answer engage your students and make them feel like they are playing a game.

Setting up a classroom on Boom takes only a few minutes. I’ll show you the simple steps to getting started on Boom.

Ready to get started? Try a Boom deck for free or browse available Boom Card products below!