Ideas for St Patrick’s Day Math and Literacy Centers

St. Patrick's Day Fun

 St Patrick’s Day is a terrific holiday to celebrate with kindergarten students. It’s literally rainbows and leprechauns! So this March, bring some joy into your classroom as you celebrate Ireland’s big day.

Here are some top activities to make this St. Patrick’s Day one they will remember.


#1 Bring in some Irish Culture

When people think of Ireland they often think of shamrocks and leprechauns but the Irish culture is rich with a love of storytelling and a love of music. One way to share the culture with young learners is to share Irish Step Dancing. Irish dancing is rich with tradition. From elaborately embroidered dresses to high kicks most kindergarteners are mesmerized by watching the dancers and hearing the lively music. Show your class some world-class dancers and we guarantee you will see the kids trying it out by jumping on the playground. 


Another great way to introduce culture is with food. One of the staples of every Irish household is brown bread or soda bread. Brown bread is similar to Irish soda bread except it’s made with wheat flour and no raisins or currants. Brown bread was popular because so many homes didn’t have an oven and this could be baked on an open heart. 

The bread is made from inexpensive ingredients and became very popular during the famine. The cross on the top started as a superstition. It was meant to protect the family.

Here’s my mom’s brown bread recipe. It’s served best warm with creamy butter!


#2 Fun read a louds

Picture Books are one of my favorite ways to celebrate a holiday. Sitting on a rug listening to a fun story is a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  What better way to introduce a STEM challenge than with this fun book by Adam Wallace

#3 STEM Challenges

Kindergarten and first-grade students LOVE STEM. STEM and leprechaun traps go hand and hand. Here’s a fun STEM activity that’s easy and quick. I love this resource because you don’t need to make a trip to Target to get supplies. Everything you need to complete the challenges is in your classroom. (pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, paper and small counting blocks. 

#4 Math and Literacy Centers

Bring some fun with a puzzle literacy center that is so much fun they won’t know they are learning. This set has 4 puzzles that include beginning sounds, ending sounds, vowel sounds, and spelling cvc words. So you can meet the phonics needs of all of your students.

So have some fun this St.Patrick’s Day and celebrate the Irish!

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