Why You Should Be Using Boom Cards to Teach The Alphabet

top reason for using Boom Cards to teach the alphabet

Boom Cards Have sound

Boom Cards are digital task cards that are played on the Boom Learning site.  Teaching kindergarten students the alphabet is often one of the first skills kindergarten and preschool teachers focus on. 

It’s the first step in becoming readers. However, some students struggle with learning to identify all the letters of the alphabet.

Using Boom cards to provide practice is a great way to increase learning and student engagement for one very simple reason..

Boom Has Sound!

This is the most important feature Boom Cards provide when teaching the names of letters.  Often students work in literacy centers and are asked to trace letters or match letters but they do these activities in isolation. 

When your student can hear the letter names while they are working it increases their likelihood to remember the names. 


Boom Cards are interactive. Keeping students engaged can be a struggle but Boom cards are totally interactive so the students feel like they are playing a game. They can move pieces, click buttons, type answers.  Some decks even have videos to provide a mini lesson Watch the mini lesson on this deck


Boom Cards are self-checking

Boom Cards are self-checking

This is a crucial feature when learning the alphabet. When students receive immediate feedback on their work it has a positive impact on their learning. With Boom Cards mistakes can be identified and teachers can provide intervention before bad habits form. Think how being given just a little feedback on a Yoga position can totally impact your workout.

Boom Cards provide the teacher with data on student accuracy

 Boom Cards provides data on correct and incorrect answers. Teachers are quickly and easily able to monitor progress their students’ progress. When your student is struggling you will be able to determine which letter is causing the confusion. This information makes determining next steps so much easier. If you have students on IEP’s the reports can help inform your progress on objectives. Going into a conference armed with clear data gives you the confidence you need to advocate for your student.


Kids love Boom Cards

Let’s face it Boom Cards make learning the alphabet fun. Kids love completing decks. When your students are enjoying what they are doing they will want more. There is some element of Boom Cards that make students feel like they are playing a game. Don’t be surprised if they beg you for more! You can feel confident with Boom Cards that you are providing your students with the best opportunity to succeed.


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