Fun way to fight the Summer Slide – Tips for Parents

Keep Learning all summer long!

We all love summer vacation.  The kids and the teachers are counting the days until we have a little free time to relax and recharge for next year.  This summer help your parents by giving them some tips for some fun summer activities to keep the learning going over the summer. Even if your students don’t go to summer school they can prevent the summer slide with some easy activities.

Tip #1 Go outside!

Now is the time to get outside and run and jump and climb. Explore the beach, the park, and the woods. The kids spend so much time inside during the school year get outside and have some fun unstructured time.

Prevent the summer slide go outside to play

Tip#2 Say Something!

Strive for 5! The back and forth of a conversation builds vocabulary, complex thought, and builds relationships. Having conversations with your kids is the single best thing parents can do. In this world filled with social media encourage your parents to put down the phone and just talk to their kids.

prevent summer slide by talking

Tip #3 Visit

Take that drive and visit your friends and family. Take a walk with grandma. Visit libraries, museums, outdoor fairs. Have lots of different experiences with lots of different people and places. Building background knowledge during the summer will help their learning when they go back to school in the fall.

visit grandma

Help your parents provide lots of summer activities with our summer fun parent letter. Click to grab your free copy.


Read, read, read. Honestly, this one is so important. Kids need to be read to and they need to read to people. Make a commitment to read for 20 minutes a day. There is nothing better than snuggling up with a child and reading a good book. Check out our favorite books for kindergarten.

read with your child this summer

#5 Create some art

Embrace creativity. Give the kids a blank piece of paper, some markers, and scissors and sit back and watch. Invest in sidewalk chalk, play-doh, markers, paint, glitter, and glue. No rules, no expectations just pure creativity. Make sure you take a photo of their masterpiece and create a digital refrigerator display.

Create art with your child this summer

Tip #6 A little skill development

Instead of a packet of worksheet give your student access to summer review on Boom Cards. Boom Cards make learning fun and the kids will actually think they are playing a video game. Just assign the decks to your kids and your parents will have access all summer. Boom Cards are a lifesaver on long road trips. 

Summer slide bundle is a review of ELA and Math skills.

Go Shopping

Ask any teacher and she will tell you, that summer goes way too fast enjoy this time to just exhale, and have some fun.

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