Best Books for Back To School in Kindergarten

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time, for both teachers, students, and their families. The beginning of the year is all about building relationships with your kindergarten students. One of the best ways to make your students love school is to expose them to engaging read alouds.

Here is a list of some favorite first day of school books that help your kindergarteners begin their love affair with books and reading.



A Letter From Your Teacher by Shannon Olsen This back to school book is a wonderful way to let your kindergarten students know what to expect from kindergarten. The letter on the first day explains how the teacher wants to get to know all about her students as well as explains what she will do to help them learn. A great first day of kindergarten read aloud.

One of my favorite books is The Day You Begin by Rafael Lopez. This book has a way of making us all feel like we are all ok regardless of our experiences. It lets us know it’s not always rainbows and unicorns but that it will be ok. That is ok to be different It truly validates our students feelings and encourages them to be brave.   

Only One You by Linda Kranz is a wonderful book full of great advice for both students and adults.   If you are looking for an easy first day of school activity this book sets the stage. After reading give every student a fish template and let them get creative.  Post the fish on a bulletin board with the title “We are all different but we all swim together”. 

The King of Kindergarten by Derrick Barnes and Vanessa Brantley- Newton turn going to kindergarten an enchanted tour of a far away time filled with kings and royalty. Let’s all step into the first day with confidence!

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan Higgins is a fun book that helps point out how we need to treat others if we want to get along and make new friends. The slimy illustrations make this silly book even more fun.

Who doesn’t love Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin? This is an all time favorite book of every class I’ve ever had. I find myself saying “goodness no” throughout the year thanks to this fun and upbeat book. I love the positive message and if you want to add some extra spring in your step make sure you listen to a YouTube read aloud of this book with music. I dare you to try and sit still while listening to this video. 

Regardless of which books you read on the first day of kindergarten make your focus be on building relationships. Spend time at the beginning of the year making sure your kindergarten students know you care deeply about them and the rest of your year will be set up for success. 

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