My top 4 reasons for using Google Drive in kindergarten

What’s the best way to integrate technology in a kindergarten class? Is kindergarten too young to start with Google Classroom?
My top 4 reasons for Going Google.

1. More and more districts are going 1:1. I see so many administrators purchasing chrome books, and I pads. I remember just a few years ago when no one in my school had an I Pad. Now they are in every classroom. We may not be 1:1 yet in my school but technology is becoming more and more abundant. 

2. It’s paperless!!!! Yay, yippee, halleujah, no more long lines at the copy machine. I can’t tell you how many lunches, and planning periods that have been cut short because of that dreaded line at the copier. Not to mention everyone’s most feared phrase – paper jam!
Just think you can send homework, notes to parents and worksheets all digitally. No more lost papers. No more mountains of papers.

3. It’s so much easier to differentiate. Even the youngest learners can see their work just doesn’t measure up to the child next to them. As the saying goes…comparison is the thief of joy. Once kids start comparing their work to their neighbors they begin to see themselves as “less than”. Less than! In kindergarten, sad but it’s true. When you use technology the difference between students is less obvious to the kids. But for the teacher it becomes so much easier to adjust work for our struggling learners and increase the rigor for our more confident learners. 

4. Kids will take risks with technology that that just wont when using a traditional strategy. We all achieve more when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones. That great researcher Vygotsky taught us about the zone of proximal development. We all strive to hit that sweet spot with our students. That moment when it’s no longer easy, but it’s not too hard. We should all strive to push ourselves- kids and teachers alike.

Check out my video that shows how to Go Google

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