The secret to loving teaching for 30 years.

“I love my kids.” Every teacher I know has spoken those words. I do love my kids, but I NEED my summer break. I know all my non-teacher friends become increasingly jealous this time of year. I know they work hard too. But no one, I mean no one works as hard as a teacher, a kindergarten teacher to be exact.  Well, maybe our brave military,  cancer nurses, air traffic controllers, ok I admit it there are people who work harder than us.  But we work hard!!!!  


I’ve been teaching for 30 years. 30 years, I know thats more than some of you have been alive. Teaching is exhausting. It’s like being on stage for 6 hours every day. Then going home and learning all the lines to a new play for the next day. Years ago I read a line that says the difference between a CEO and a teacher is that a CEO manages her decisions from a seat and a teacher manages from her feet. It can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining. I honestly wouldn’t have lasted 30 years teaching without those 2 little gems- July and August.  You know what I do during the summer??? Wait for it….

Nothing! I do nothing and it takes all day. I lounge by the pool, I go to the beach, I read a book,  I have lunch with friends, I make elaborate recipes, I stay up late, I go for ice cream at 10:00 in the morning, I literally stop and smell the roses, and I LOVE it. It recharges me, relaxes me, and it allows me to reclaim me. I love those lazy days when you really have to think for few moments to be sure what day it is. 

Guess what? My boss should thank me for it. Because I can’t wait to get back to my little darlings in September. I get so excited thinking of all the wonderful adventures we’ll have. I can’t wait to teach them to read. I can’t wait to have them start their love affair with school. I have no intention of retiring. I love my job. I feel so lucky to spend my days with my kids and I’ll love it when the end of June comes and I know I get my summer break.

Happy Summer, and if you do only 1 thing this summer….do nothing!

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