Graduation Day

                                      I sat through my oldest son’s high school graduation last night and I had a lump in my throat the whole time. I fought the tears and almost won until the  principal

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3 Ways to survive the last month of school

    3 ways to survive the last month of school. The days are getting warmer, and your mind begins to wander to thoughts of the beach, the lake, the free time that really only comes to teachers. But you’re not done yet. If you stop teaching now you’ll end

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Trying to be a good teacher AND a good daughter

Let’s be honest, being a teacher is hard. I teach kindergarten and there are days I go home completely spent. Having given so much of myself to my students. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching, I love my students but their needs are never ending. It can be exhausting.

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Go Outside!

“Go outside and play”, this was the direction given by my mother daily when I was growing up. I know I’m taking the risk of sounding like grandma but, back in my day, we played outside. A lot. I spent the weekend enjoying some warm sunny weather, and it got me

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What I love about board games.

Can we bring back board games? I love technology and I’m so grateful that children have constant access to it, but I love board games.  There’s nothing quite like sitting around the kitchen table with an old fashioned game. My own kids  love “family game night” and so do I. 

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Leap Year!

How will YOU celebrate Leap Day in Kindergarten? It only comes around one every four years, so let’s make it fun. My class will be leaping into the future!  What will life be like in 29 years? What will cars look like? Can you imagine that anyone thought 29 years ago

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