Go Outside!

“Go outside and play”, this was the direction given by my mother daily when I was growing up. I know I’m taking the risk of sounding like grandma but, back in my day, we played outside. A lot. 
I spent the weekend enjoying some warm sunny weather, and it got me thinking. Being outside is good for the soul. It clears your mind and it feels wonderful to fill your lungs with fresh air. 

I worry my students don’t spend enough time outside exploring, discovering nature, just being part of something bigger than themselves. I want them to come in with dirty knees, with cuts and scrapes, filthy hands, and a body that’s tired. They should be digging in the dirt and finding bugs. It’s not beach weather here in the northeast, but it is spring. It’s the perfect time to get outside. I may not be interested in looking for bugs, but I love taking a hike, a walk around a lake.  Dusting off that bike in the garage, filling the tires with air, and taking a spin around the neighborhood sounds like heaven. When I was a girl I used to love that feeling of almost flying when I was on a swing. It makes me smile just thinking of it.  Being outside is great for kids, but it’s also great for adults. The stewardess tells us every time we travel. Take care of yourself first, then you’ll be able to care for the young. Now that spring is here let’s make a decision to go outside and play. A lot.

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