3 Ways to survive the last month of school

    3 ways to survive the last month of school.

The days are getting warmer, and your mind begins to wander to thoughts of the beach, the lake, the free time that really only comes to teachers. But you’re not done yet. If you stop teaching now you’ll end the year in chaos and tears – theirs and yours! We may be near the end, but the wisest teachers know to keep on plugging away until the last day. Or it will be miserable for you AND the kids. 


Here are my top 3 ways to keep smiling until the very end.
#1 Keep on swimming- well, not really swimming, but you have to keep the routines and structure in place or all your hard work will disintegrate in front of your eyes. The kids need that structure and honestly so do we.  Without it, you’ll feel every minute of your day, and it will be the longest month of the year. 

#2 Have a little fun. Now is the time to play some games, have a field day, and go on trips. You’ve earned it. Get out and enjoy your community. Some years it feels like winter hangs around until April, get outside and enjoy the weather. My all time favorite is the going to the zoo. Great for every age, and the kids can burn a little bit of that energy.

#3 Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your kids have come a long way. I teach kindergarten and they basically come in as babies. However, this last month of school I feel like I teach first grade. Enjoy their learned ability to be a little bit more independent. Let them work quietly while you reflect on how far they’ve come. Let the well-

oiled machine run on it’s own.

Before you know it, it will be over for another year. Enjoy these last few weeks with the kids. 
Because September will be a whole new ball of wax!!

Here are a couple of products that may help you get to the end.

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