Using Boom Cards in The Primary Classroom

Using Boom Cards in The Primary Classroom

Boom Cards provide the digital resources you need to bring digital learning into your primary classroom. Boom Cards are self-checking digital task cards that provide immediate feedback to students. Teachers have access to the data through Boom’s reports feature. Giving teachers a powerful tool to make decisions about instruction. You can find the support you need to get started with Boom Cards here 

Top Tips for using Boom Cards in your Early Childhood Classroom

So what’s the best way to use digital task cards in your kindergarten class? Here are some strategies for incorporating digital learning with our young learners. 

#1 Morning Work

In my classroom, my students trickle in and I need some quality activities for my students to complete while they wait for all the students to arrive and get settled. I put out a few Chromebooks and iPads in a work center. My kids can easily sign-in and complete a deck independently before we start our day.

#2 An Extension of Reading Groups

One of the most challenging tasks for me when I started teaching was trying to figure out what the rest of my class should be doing while I was meeting with reading groups. My go-to answer? Boom Cards. Whether I am reviewing beginning sounds, reading and blending cvc words, or identifying letters, I can extend the lesson easily with BOOM Cards. As soon as my kids are done with our small group, they head to the tech table and get a little extended practice. I can go back and see their work and check for understanding with the reports feature. It’s easy to determine if I need to move students to a different group, reteach a concept, or provide targeted intervention. You can read more about managing guided reading groups here

Would you like to learn more about BOOM Cards?  Access a video course here


#3 Learning Centers

I give my kids 60 minutes of centers every-day. I want them at the art center, the block area, and dramatic play. However, I also have a word work and math center. There is no more worrying if my kids are actually completing the task I set for them. Boom keeps them accountable. I can feel confident because I can check their reports to see exactly what mistakes they might be making and stop it before the mistake becomes a habit.

#4 Whole Group Instruction

Do you have a smartboard? Boom Cards work great for whole group instruction. I can have great discussions about math or numbers and I can begin to really understand their thinking as we work through a problem together. No smartboard? No problem. Just project the Boom cards on the board and let the discussion begin.

#5 Homework

Just think no more copying homework packets. You can actually sit down and eat your lunch during your lunch break. Parents can access Boom Cards from home. All they need is their login information and some type of screen. Your kids can actually access decks on their parents’ phones. No more lost papers, or missing folders. I can check their reports to keep them accountable for completing the work.


The applications for using Boom Cards in your classroom is limited only by your imagination. Give Boom Cards a try and see how they can work in your class. Access your free deck here.

Academics Choice Smart media award


The best part? You don’t need to worry about quality, because Boom has been awarded the Academic’s Choice Smart Media Award.



Della Larsen is a primary teacher with over 30 years of classroom experience. She is passionate about reaching every child regardless of their skills. She has spent much of her time supporting teachers just starting on their digital journey.





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