How to Use iPads along with Flipped Lessons and Boom Cards to teach ELA and Math.

We have iPads in our classroom.  You may even have a whole cart of ipads. They’re a perfect size for our students. They are naturally drawn to this technology.

The question is: What do we do with these things?

It would be a shame to use them only as a place to display apps or a device to view videos.

An iPad is a computer — much more powerful than the onboard computers American astronauts used to go to the moon.

I’ve found that using flipped lessons is like making a clone of yourself — so that you can work individually with each student at the same time.

In my kindergarten class, I use our iPads to teach ELA and math with Boom Cards and Flipped Learning.

Let’s look at Boom Cards. One terrific deck of Boom Cards teaches beginning reading by having the students drag the correct word to match the illustration. There are a huge amount of variations — teaching students to match sight words, letter sounds, beginning sounds and on and on.

Flipped Lessons are videos that students view on the iPads, while using a matching worksheet. The kindergarteners follow along using the instructions on the video to complete the worksheet.

With both Boom Cards and Flipped Lessons, you can move around the class and monitor the activity, stepping in to help and offer encouragement. This works equally well if the students work independently or in groups.

All of these lessons are perfect for RTI — Response to Intervention — groups. You can provide each student with extended practice for the desired skill.

Plus, Boom Cards collect data so that you can see where each student needs help, while providing progress monitoring that allows you to more easily determine the next step.

Try a free Boom deck.

The bottom line is that with iPads and these lessons you can easily and effectively take advantage of the educational technology that will excite your students and allow them to learn more efficiently.

The best way to understand how powerful flipped lessons are, is to try them for yourself. Learn more about how easy teaching handwriting can be with flipped lessons.

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