What’s a BEE BOT?

I love robots and so do my kids. Honestly, bring a robot out anywhere and everyone takes notice. If you don���t have a BEE BOT you should seriously consider buying one. They are sold on both Amazon and Lakeshore.  The sky���s the limit with BEEBOTs. I always say robotics is not something new to teach.  Bee Bots and robotics are simply a new way of teaching.

Even your most reluctant student gets interested when you bring out the BEE BOT. My most challenging kids NEVER have behavioral issues during robotics. Hmm maybe we should spend some time thinking about that last sentence. No behavioral challenges when we use robots? Really? Really!

 The kids are practicing complex thinking, and problem solving.  They are actively engaged, and did I mention no one has behavioral challenges. You had me at no behavioral challenges. 

                                    What is a BEE BOT?

A BeeBot is a small robot that looks just like a little bee. It takes very simple commands. Forward, back, turn right and turn left. That’s it. Simple. But oh the possibilities are endless.


There is something about using a robot that levels the playing field.  The vast majority of my kids  (so far, that means 100%) have never seen a robot up close and personal. Everyone has zero background experience. That is powerful for my kids who have challenging home lives. It���s usually the first time they start at the same place as my kids who come from homes that are filled with enriching activities.

BEE BOTs are awesome. The kids have no idea they are learning to code. They just love that little guy. The lights, the sounds, the movement, are you kidding me who doesn���t love that! 

If you are looking for BEE BOT resources. I am adding to my list every week. These resources are designed to be cut out and put together to make a mat. Don’t feel like cutting, taping, and laminating?? I have started to offer fully assembled mats sent directly to you.

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