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Google Classroom Reading Bundle is filled with literacy centers for your kindergarten class. Your students will read CVC words, build CVC words and work on writing to create sentences with this best selling digital reading bundle for kindergarten. Ignite your literacy centers and word work centers. This $$ saving bundle has 3 different Google Classroom resources. Utilize digital technology to help increase phonics skills and develop strong readers. Google Classroom is perfect for fast finishers, and RTI groups.

This is a great starter set for teachers using Google Classroom. There are 3 sets included in this resource.

Reading CVC words -Your students will read the CVC word and drag the correct picture to the square. This resource has 20 slides with 20 CVC words like cat, fan, and leg

Spelling CVC words -This fun construction themed resource has 31 slides. In this resource the students look at the picture and “build” the word.

Building sentences- This writing prompt reosurce provides your students with a picture of an activity they are familiar with ( washing a dog, feeding a baby). They are asked to build the sentence using the words that are provided. Your kids simply drag the words to create the sentence. Next they are asked to type that same sentence. There is plenty of room for additional writing for your more advanced students.

Yes you can use Google Classroom in kindergarten! My students are naturally drwn to the computer and we can use that intererst to engage them in learning. My students are more likely to take risks with their learning on the computer than with traditional paper and pencils.

Need a little help getting started with Google? Watch my Getting Started with Google Classroom video

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    This was excellent for my Senior Thesis!

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Google Classroom Reading Bundle