Bee-Bot Gratitude Rocks


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Teach gratitude with a BeeBot robot. Using robots with kids is a great way to use STEM learning activities to teach emotional health. Take time with your students to reflect on all the positive emotions. Taking time to being grateful supports learning in other areas.  Create a happy classroom.

Bee Bots are a perfect robot to use with elementary students. Your students will learn how to code while also reflecting on positive elements in their lives. . Make your classroom an engaging by fun place for your students.

This Gratitude BeeBot mat is made of heavy-duty vinyl and made to last year after year.

This Gratitude Rock BeeBot mat has 12 squares. The resource also comes with a downloadable file of programming cards. Simple print the cards on card stock and use the cards to provide a “target” for the BeeBot.  Your students choose a card and program the BeeBot to move to the desired square.

A programming sheet is also provided as a download so your students can practice writing their code.


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BeeBot Gratitude Rocks

Bee-Bot Gratitude Rocks