May 2019 – Della Larsen's Class

Fun way to fight the Summer Slide – Tips for Parents

May 19, 2019

Keep the learning going over the summer!   We all love summer! The kids and the teachers are counting the days until we have a little free time to relax and recharge for next year.  This summer help your parents by giving them some tips to keep the learning going over the summer. Tip #1 Go outside! Now is the time to get outside and run and jump and climb. Explore the beach, the park, the woods. The kids spend so much time inside during the school year get outside and have some fun instructed time. Tip#2 Say Something! Strive for 5! The back and forth of a conversation builds vocabulary, complex thought, and builds relationships. Having conversations with your kids is the single best thing parents can do. In this world filled with social media encourage your parents to put down the phone and just talk to their kids. Tip #3 Visit Take that drive and visit your friends and family. Take a walk with grandma. Visit libraries, museums, outdoor fairs. Have lots of different experiences with lots of different people and places. Building background knowledge during the summer will help their learning when they go back to school...

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Transforming how we teach ELL students in the classroom with technology

May 13, 2019

Having an ELL student in your class If you teach in the United States the chances are high that you have a student for whom English is not their native language. It’s up to us to determine the best way to support all of our learners. It can feel intimidating when you first find out that an ELL student will be joining your classroom. As a teacher, you want to provide the very best education for every student.  Many teachers feel nervous and ill-equipped to address the needs of a student with limited English. Don’t worry. Here is a list of tips to help support ELL students in your class (and the technology that will help). Build Background Knowledge Use visuals and sound Provide extra response time Provide clear directions Assess, and repeat Primary teachers have the skills needed to reach every child Building Background knowledge There is not a topic out there that doesn’t have a youtube video. If you are teaching students about a subject. Do a quick search on youtube and you will find a library of resources on youtube. There are nonfiction read alouds, National Geographic videos, even Reading Rainbow is a fantastic resource fo almost any topic....

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