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Using Technology in Your Classroom

Using technology in the elementary classroom is a powerful tool for teachers.  Our youngest students are growing up in a digital world. Students arrive at kindergarten with an ever-growing confidence using iPads, tablets, and computers. It is our job as educators to determine how to appropriately integrate technology into our classrooms by providing appropriate digital activities for our students. When we use technology to provide adaptive scaffolds to ease the accomplishment of the task, we are truly supporting children’s learning.Using technology in the classroom

NAEYC states, in their position paper on technology, that “Technology and interactive media are tools that can promote effective learning and development when they are used intentionally by early childhood educators within the framework of developmentally appropriate practice (NAEYC 2009a), to support learning goals established for individual children.”

Developmentally appropriate practices must guide decisions about how to integrate technology into early childhood programs. Della Larsen’s Class provides digital resources that are hands-on, engaging, and increase home school connections, while enhancing students’ cognitive development. We use technology to support existing classroom developmental and educational goals rather than replace them.  We encourage you to make digital resources part of your classroom routine.

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