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Using Boom Cards to Increase Phonemic Awareness

What is phonemic awareness and how can we teach it? Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, manipulate, and substitute phonemes. Phonemes are the smallest unit of sound that can differentiate meaning in spoken words. The goal of every kindergarten teacher is to teach our students to read. It’s

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What is Phonemic Awareness?

Teaching young children to read is one of the greatest enjoyments of being a kindergarten teacher. To take a child from knowing just a few letters of the alphabet to a student who can read a book from start to finish is one of the greatest joys of a teaching

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How do I start reading groups in Kindergarten??

Whether your new to kindergarten this year, or you’re a veteran. The question remains, where do you begin reading groups when the kids can’t read??  Kindergarten reading groups often don���t involve any ���reading��� in the way parents typically think. They may not actually read ���I see the fat cat.��� until

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Writing in Kindergarten

I love teaching kindergarten because the kids go from barely knowing their letters in the fall to full on writers by the end of the year. However the journey is not always easy.  I’ve seen my kids be really excited during group, ready to get to writing then they get

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Text Dependent Writing in Kindergarten.

Text dependent wrtiting in kindergarten, is that even a thing???Yes, Your kids can become text dependent writers when you use non-fiction topics. I find even my youngest learners respond well to non-fiction text. In my district it’s all about text dependent writing. We want to the kids to not only

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For the last couple of weeks we have been learning all about OWLS. I am always amazed at how well even my youngest learners respond to non-fiction. The kids have been obsessed with sharp talons catching mice!First comes research! Owls in the Block area. The kids are filling in an

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