January 2018 – Della Larsen's Class

Using Technology in Kindergarten with Boom Cards

January 28, 2018

  Let me guess? Your district wants you to come up with ideas to integrate technology into your classroom.  You received a cart full of Ipads or Chromebooks for your kindergarten class but other than a couple of free web sites you have no idea what to do with them.  As the push to use digital resources in elementary school gets stronger, you are going to need more than a couple of free websites to engage your kids and increase their engagement. I have 2 words for you. Boom Cards. Boom Cards are digital task cards.      It’s a digital take on an old favorite. Boom cards take task cards to a whole new level. They are interactive, fun, and wait for it…… self-checking! Yes! Just what every teacher has been asking for, self-checking digital resources. But in the words of every goofy TV commercial – that’s not all…. Boom collects the data! Seriously, Boom collects the data and provides you with reports on your kindergarten student’s rate and accuracy. You can see not only which answer they got incorrect, but you can see how they answered incorrectly.     Data, that four letter word. It can bring you...

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New ideas for teaching handwriting

January 15, 2018

Teaching handwriting to kindergarten students can be challenging. Beginning writers need to not only identify letters, they need to be able to write letters  automatically and with fluency.   Teaching handwriting is so important in kindergarten because it’s a strong predictor of quality writing in the upper grades. There is extensive research that states that explicit instruction of handwriting is required for kids to master the mechanics of writing. Reproducing letters quickly and effortlessly is a critical skill our kindergarten students need.  When a student says a letter, learns to make the strokes of the letter, and attaches the sound to that letter, it helps them put all the critical pieces together, motor, phonological, and visual. Before we had technology, teachers had to accomplish this by sitting one on one with a child. But technology has changed all that! Using flipped lessons help provide the nesessary direct instruction. Writing letters correctly takes substantial repeated practice. Our students need to identify the letter by name and memorize the formation. Sure, some children come to us already able to write their name. But many students arrive with limited handwriting skills. We can use technology in our classroom to help those students become successful. Flipped lessons...

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