September 2017 – Della Larsen's Class

4 easy steps to getting your kindergarten kids logged into Google Classroom….FASTER

September 22, 2017

Trust me, I’ve been there.  You’re so excited to get started on Google Classroom, you have amazing resources you want to share, your admin wants you to use it……… but the kids take FOREVER to log in.  #thestruggleisreal!!! I have good news for you! I have also struggled with this same issue and I have some solutions you can use TOMORROW!!! Tip #1Use a QR code. Half the battle of getting your kids logged in, is getting them TO Google Classroom. Make it easy for you and easy for your kids use a QR code. All you need to do is add a free QR reader app to your device. ( You can download at the app store). Then create a QR code with QR code generator and boom your kids are where they need to be. Here’s a link to a QR generator site. Tip #2Give them a Driver’s License.  Type their name and log in information onto a card and keep it handy. I  keep my kids cards in a plasctic bag with their headphones. (Hint: make lots of copies!!!!) You get bonus points if you put the QR code right on the driver’s license.   Click here. to...

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Make learning fun with an all time favorite!

September 1, 2017

What’s the one activity that always brings a smile…….Play doh! Who doesn’t love play dough? I’ve never been able to resist grabbing some and giving it a squish. Kids are no different. They just love play doh and who could blame them?  Play dough is my “go to” activity the first few weeks of the year. When we have “meet the teacher” or open house, I always have a small container on each desk so the kids can start playing while I chat with the parents. It’s a true life saver.  So let’s use this strong attraction to sneak in a little learning. At the beginning of the year I love using these fun cards.   I can easily differntiate for all my levels.  I use the simple “practice”  cards for those kids who need a little extra support. Click here for a free set of my practice cards Using the play doh helps build finger strenght, and dexterity skills.  These skills are so important as our kids learn to write, draw, and use scissors.I can let the kids explore letters, numbers, and shapes.   I love using these because at the beginning of the year my kids need...

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