April 2016 – Della Larsen's Class

Trying to be a good teacher AND a good daughter

April 10, 2016

Let’s be honest, being a teacher is hard. I teach kindergarten and there are days I go home completely spent. Having given so much of myself to my students. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching, I love my students but their needs are never ending. It can be exhausting. But we are also mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. If you are lucky enough to still have your parents continue to cherish them, love them, laugh with them. For the vast majority we will one day watch our parents die. Being part of that eventual transition of being the child to becoming the caretaker for our parents is often an emotional one. To watch a powerful father who commanded respect become so sick that he is confined to a bed wearing a diaper is awful for him and awful for you. To see your mother, who took care of everyone and everthing, need you to be her voice, to ask for her pain meds, to feed her. It can be unbearable one second and feel incredibly noble the next.  No one gets out unscathed. We will all have our day when we lose the person who loved us most, who...

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My top five reasons for using task cards.

April 7, 2016

                      My top five reasons for using task cards.I LOVE task cards, and to be honest so do my kids. I have center time every day in my class and you can be sure one of those centers will have some type of task card.  There are lots of reasons people use task cards and here are my top 5. #1 The kids are independent. Task cards are designed for kids to be able to complete the work by themselves.  The work I add to  task cards is generally review and practice. Although the kids don’t think they are practicing.  There’s something about squeezing those clips that makes the kids happy. #2 My kids will take risks. No one wants anyone to know when we make a mistake and kids are no different. We are always assessing them and it must become exhausting to them to be constantly under the microscope. With self checking task cards no one will know if they make a mistake. They can check their answer and make the adjustments by themselves. I think the kids are willing to take more risks if no one...

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