September 2020 – Della Larsen's Class

Using Boom Cards in Kindergarten

September 30, 2020

Top reasons why teachers should be using Boom Cards in  Kindergarten. Boom Cards are digital task cards that provide students with immediate feedback on their answers.  However, that’s not all that is provided with Boom Cards. Kindergarten teachers can access a report feature that includes student accuracy.  The most impressive feature on this digital platform is that students love playing Boom Cards. There is an element of fun that is not present on other platforms. Students receive an audible “ding” with a correct answer. Receiving that feedback makes learning feel like a game. Learning feels like a game. The Boom Learning platform offers so many features that engage students. From mystery pictures, to escape rooms, to video mini lessons, Boom cards take learning to another level. Read more about teaching sight words with Boom Cards   Kindergarten students aren’t the only ones loving Boom Cards. Teachers can easily assign decks to students. One of the great features is that Boom can be assigned both Google Classroom and Seesaw.  Kindergarten teachers can assign decks with either a hyperlink or a fast pin. Boom Cards are versatile they can be played on multiple devices.  Kindergarteners can access their decks on iPads,...

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Tips for going back to school on Zoom

September 4, 2020

How do kindergarten students start the year virtually? Kindergarten students all over are starting school remotely. As leaders debate how to go back to school safely, teachers everywhere are wondering how they can build relationships with their students during remote learning. When schools closed in March teachers had already developed relationships and classroom culture. It was hard, but teachers everywhere quickly figured out how to end the year virtually. But now it’s back to school season and teachers are faced with brand new students. Kindergarten students are starting school in a whole new way. Teachers have to meet their students virtually. Suddenly ending the year seems like a cakewalk compared to starting a new year. So many questions, so much unknown.  The single most important element in a classroom is relationships. I can say this with 100% confidence that the single most important element in a classroom is relationships. The relationships you form with your students, with their parents, with your co-workers. Relationships are the foundation of all learning. So how do you build a relationship with a 5 year old over Zoom? So how do you build a relationship with a 5 year old over Zoom? Here are...

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