April 2019 – Della Larsen's Class

Boom Cards vs Google Classroom which is best?

April 27, 2019

What technology should we be using in the classroom?? There has been a big difference in the way we teach young children in just the last few years. The advance of appropriate technology is growing at warp speed. Technology in kindergarten is transforming the classroom around the globe. Teachers today have so many choices for using technology in early childhood classrooms. Some didn’t even exist a few years ago.  It wasn’t so long ago that teachers actually believed kindergarten and first-grade students could not access Google Classroom. It seems laughable today. However, Google Classroom and Boom Cards have broken the doors wide open in the primary grades. Offering a vast amount of quality resources for kindergarten students to use on Chromebooks and iPads. Students are learning and teachers are teaching in new and amazing ways. Technology helps us reach every child whether they are typical learners, have special needs, or those ELL students for whom English is not their first language. The advancement of classroom technology has been transforming how we teach and how students learn. What’s better Google Classroom or Boom Cards? This is the question I get asked almost daily. It’s a great question and I wish...

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Top 5 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

April 6, 2019

Using Technology in Your Primary Classroom If you work in a school like mine, you are being asked to use more and more technology in your kindergarten class. You may have been given a cart full of Chromebooks or iPads, but have absolutely no idea how to use the technology in your classroom. I remember the first time I was given an expensive cart full of Chromebooks. I’ll be honest I was a little nervous. What if the kids broke them? What if I couldn’t figure out how to use them? Did I really have to?  Aren’t my kindergarten students too young? So many problems went swirling around my head and it led to a sort of technology paralysis. As a result, I was too overwhelmed to even use them.   However, just like everything else the more we practice something new the better we get at it. So I pushed through my fear. And guess what? I love them! I have become a passionate digital user. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think kids should be on Chromebooks all day – even most of the day. But like chocolate cake and wine everything in moderation. Technology in...

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